How to post on Instagram 2021: For those new to Instagram and who aren’t sure how to make a post and publish it on Instagram, well this blog is for you! It can be extremely confusing if you have never been on social media before, so we want to try and make it as easy as possible for you.

Let’s get started and jump straight into it.

Before we start, here’s the video version of the blog:

Find the square with a plus symbol in it

There are 3 ways to get started when it comes to posting on Instagram. You can either swipe right on the feed and swipe right again and find posts on there, or you can find the square with a plus symbol in it at the top right. This can be found either on the home page, or the feed page in the top right, or click on your profile in the bottom right and you should find it in the top right there next to the burger symbol. Please see the image below if you’re still not sure.

Select what action you want to perform next

Once you have clicked the square with a plus symbol you’re going to be presented with a few different options. Let’s go through each option quickly.

  • Post – Normal post that has been with Instagram since the beginning
  • Reel – A short 15 second video
  • Story – An image or video that disappears after 24 hours of being posted
  • Story Highlight – A story that never gets deleted
  • IGTV Video – Long videos, think of youtube!
  • Live – Go live with your followers and interact!
  • Guide – A cross between carousel and a blog post

I assume as you’re here you want to create a normal post on Instagram, so select the top option with the 9 small squares and let’s get that post ready to go live!

Select what image or video you want to post

Great, you’ve made it this far! Now there’s not much to do on this page apart from select what you want your audience to see. Whether it be an image or a video, well that’s completely up to you. If you want to create a carousel (A carousel is multiple images or videos in one post) then click that small square with another square to the right of the recent text or below the Kaizen Five logo!

Just click what image you want and click next.

Edit, edit, and more editing!

Great, you’ve selected the photo or video you want and now it’s time to edit! A lot of people skip this part as they either don’t want to add a filter or edit the image, but if you do then experiment with them your selves. Once you’ve finished click next.

Final touches, the important part!

How to post on Instagram 2021: So this is where you can add a caption, tag your friends, clients, customers or business partners and do a lot more. Let’s start from the top and work our way down.

It will have nothing in there for you but as an example, I have written a small example post. This is where you add any text or captions for the image or video you are posting. You can also enter some hashtags, this is a great way to get some exposure on Instagram if you haven’t got many followers yet in your niche.

If you click the tag people box you will be taken to a page (as seen below) and all you have to do is press anywhere on the screen and type in the users name and they’re tagged! Once you’re done tagging click done and you will be taken back to the previous page.

Location. This is another great way to gain some exposure especially if you’re a local business looking for some customers. For example, if you’re a coffee shop you could make a post about a promotion you’re running in the local area.

Create a promotion. As you’re probably new to Instagram I wouldn’t touch this for the meantime as it could be costly if you make a mistake. But to sum it up you’re giving Instagram money in exchange for them to advertise your post to different people in your niche or to anyone!

Post to other accounts. Again unless you’re a marketer or you run multiple businesses you probably won’t ever need to do this!

Below this, there is a section that says Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can actually post this to these different apps if you have allowed them access to your Instagram. It works best with Facebook and is something we use here at Kaizen Five quite a lot when we need to make a quick post that we can’t schedule. Just follow the setup process when you toggle one of the buttons and you should be good to go!

Advanced settings

Let’s go through this briefly as if you’re pretty new to Instagram you won’t need these features just yet.

  • Hide likes and view counts on this post – It’s pretty clear by the name! It hides all of the lives and view counts on a video or image.
  • Turn off comments – Disables anyone from commeting on this post.
  • Write alt text – For people with visual impairments, text will be read out to them. Either create your own, or Instagram will do this automatically for you!
  • Add paid partnership label if you’re working with an influencer!

Ready to publish

How to post on Instagram 2021: Give it a quick overview, and if you’re happy click share in the top right! That’s it, you just shared a post on Instagram. You’re an Instagram wizard!

If you think this process took too long, and you need some professional help, please feel free to reach out and we can help put together a plan for you. Contact Kaizen Five.

If you’re not sure what to post, check out 5 post ideas without a product.

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