Why You’re Not Gaining Followers On Instagram: Are you posting loads but you’re still stuck at 0-100 followers on Instagram? Well, there are probably quite a few reasons why.

Instagram is absolutely flooded with users, and some hashtags have over 100s of millions of posts. So you’re a tiny spec of sand in the ocean pretty much if you’re not smart with how you use Instagram.

Let’s dive in and have a little look into a few things you could be getting wrong and examine why you’re not gaining any followers on Instagram!

1. You’re not using hashtags correctly or at all

When you’re still growing, the right hashtag combination can help you reach new people.

Hashtags, such as #searchengineoptimisation in our marketing specialty, connect your photo to certain groups, niches, and keywords that people search for. Without hashtags, these communities, groups, and people looking for relevant content are less likely to find your postings.

The difficult part is choosing them. You’re permitted to use up to 30 hashtags, so make use of them all.

Most businesses and influencers make the mistake of choosing hashtags that are far too “large,” meaning that there are already too many posts in them, and their content will be buried beneath the rest. No one will be able to see it.

A fantastic example is, #goodmorning. How do you think anyone is going to find your post when there are 129 million posts. It’s never going to work unless you’re a Kardashian!

#goodmorning hashtags

The other aspect of the hashtag game (and an easy place to go wrong) is altering hashtags on each post so they’re relevant to the photo. Unless you submit the same photo every day (which I hope you don’t! ), your hashtags should change to reflect the content you provide on a daily basis.

If you’ve tried changing your hashtags but are certain you’ve been “shadowbanned” or they’re not functioning, it simply means you’ll have to keep trying various combinations OR the hashtags aren’t the problem.

How to fix hashtags:

It takes some labour to discover the correct hashtags, and you’ll need at least 40-60 to have a successful strategy.

if your hashtags aren’t working, it’s most likely because the hashtags you’re using are far too large. Look for popular hashtags that aren’t overrun with millions of posts.

It’s also not going to work to use the same block of 30 hashtags every day. Every time you post, at least three or four hashtags should change, and it’s better to have distinct blocks for different types of content.

Furthermore, to keep your hashtags current, you should update them at least twice a year. You never know when a new trend or community will emerge in your specialty, and you must seize the opportunity.

When it comes to developing your account, a few hashtags are always preferable than none.

Here’s a complex guide on how to use hashtags more effectively.

2. No context in the caption

Captions are the most essential growth tool you have on Instagram.

Not every Instagram user will read the entire post. The ones who do, on the other hand, are the ones you can truly hook. If you regularly provide interesting information in your captions, more people will read them.

The captions are your chance to make an emotional connection with your followers, or at the very least, to explain why you’re posting certain photos.

I’ve seen far too many corporate accounts upload photos without any explanation. They’ll reveal a place, perhaps a time of day, perhaps a witty remark… However, there is still a lot to be desired.

The problem is that we (the audience) have nothing to latch onto without context.

To get emotionally immersed in your material, we must be emotionally invested in it. I don’t mean you have to share a sob story or be “vulnerable” in every post; you only have to include content in captions that speaks to your audience’s wants, concerns, and barriers, or copy that elicits an emotional response.

You can’t expect to develop by posting great images with dull words every day.

3. You are inconsistent

Why You’re Not Gaining Followers On Instagram: It is critical to post on a frequent basis in order to reach a larger audience, create trust, and establish brand authority. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to the platform and to giving value to your audience. If you don’t write on a regular basis, your followers will not become brand evangelists, will not support you sufficiently, and you may even lose them.

How to fix inconsistency:

Spend time developing a content strategy, writing, planning, and scheduling your pieces, and making sure you don’t miss a single one.

Instagram statistics

4. You’re not engaging enough

As a Social Media Manager, you’re probably more concerned with content strategy than with interaction. You devote effort to writing and organising your pieces, but you don’t devote any time to engaging with your audience. It’s critical to respond to comments because if you don’t, your followers will feel unappreciated and will stop following you. This would have a negative impact on your involvement. Once you’ve published the content, your work isn’t done. You should not only like but also comment on the posts of the accounts you follow.

How to become more engaging:

Every day, set aside 10–15 minutes for interaction. Like, comment, and find new accounts by utilising hashtags, locations, and interests, as well as responding to all comments.

5. You don’t have an Instagram end goal

If you’re on Instagram for the sake of it and don’t have a clear objective in mind, you won’t know what to post. You may find yourself writing a variety of various types of content, leaving first-time visitors perplexed.
People want consistency and tend to follow the stories of a certain specialty. Gaining followers might be tough if you don’t fit into any of the particular categories.

How to have create an end goal:

Define your objective and develop a strategy to achieve it. Your objectives might include teaching, motivating, and sharing your followers’ tales (User Generated Content), among other things. Concentrate on one or two long-term objectives and work toward them.


  1. You’re not using the correct hashtags! Create a hashtag strategy and stick to it, and change the hashtags per post.
  2. No context in the caption. Make a connect with the user!
  3. You aren’t consistent. Post everyday, or 1 every other day, but don’t take a month off at a time.
  4. You’re not engaging enough. Spend 15 minutes each day to just engage with other users on Instagram
  5. You don’t have an end goal. Planning is important, even if it’s planning for the end!

Why You’re Not Gaining Followers On Instagram: If you’re struggling with social media and need some help, please feel free to get in touch with us as we can run your social media accounts and help you grow! Contact us here.

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