The Importance of SEO and Why Your Business Needs It

What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and it plays a key part in building and improving the visibility of a website. Using keywords, your business can climb higher up the search results that you have tailored for your audience. Simply, the more fine-tuned your SEO, the better chance you have to garner the attention of prospective customers.

So now we know what it is, why is this element such a crucial part of your online profile? SEO is an aspect of the online world that is constantly changing. The importance of having effective, sought after information at the click of a button is invaluable. Here are just a few reasons why your SEO should be one of your top priorities:

Encourages online traffic and interaction

Being recognised by a reliable search engine like Google should always be a target for all businesses. As the popularity of the online world evolves, Google now dominates over 75% of all searches. Organic search for your website is so important as it draws in the attention of potential leads.

Your website could be the first point-of-contact for a customer and can generate various opportunities therefore, by focusing on quality SEO, you are heading in the right direction for long-term success. By putting the groundwork in now, you don’t limit your businesses growth.

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Builds a trustworthy business

Another customer-based benefit of nailing your online image is that user-friendly websites build trust within your brand. By establishing a strong foundation, the credibility of your work increases over time. These elements of a business are so important as they can open doors for new clients and/or referrals. In addition, quality SEO also helps build a ‘relationship’ with Google. However, there are other aspects of a website that allows search engines to rank higher such as; quality backlink profiles, machine learning signals, on-page optimization and positive user interaction.

By utilising these different factors, whilst also assuring the sale of a quality product or service, your brand image will become more established over time.

Introduction of local SEO

Recently there has been a greater emphasis on local SEO. Local SEO is for businesses in a similar geographical area and it helps target specific audiences in closer proximity. As mobile traffic becomes more and more frequent for people, locally targeted SEO becomes more relevant (especially for smaller businesses), as it encourages more engagement and conversions.

Something that can also drive up Google representation is pushing for more reviews. On a more skilled level, optimizing your brand’s ‘Knowledge Graph’ panel, it’s ‘Google my Business’ listing and social media profiles are always a fantastic addition to bettering your brand image. Lastly, local SEO drives the needed visibility and encourages a repetitive buying cycle! Who wouldn’t want that?

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Improves User Experience

Even the basics of business explain that a happy customer makes the world go round. That idea still applies when you move that experience online. User experience is one of the most important reasons SEO is seen as vital. By making your online platform easy, accessible and desirable, a customer is likely to return.

Did you know, it takes approximately 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website, resulting in whether they stay or not. Furthermore, how a user reacts to different websites is now used by Google to help sieve through the more efficient ones. Yes… Google has learnt how to interpret both favourable and unfavourable experiences, which can have a drastic impact on how you rank on their searching. It has become a pivotal element and therefore, it is more important now than ever to make sure the performance your website provides, allows a customer to easily find what they desire.

Even Google has adapted its search engine to make information available with a single click. Making your business easily accessible and appealing can massively impact the success of your SEO.

Quality SEO will not break the Bank

Another benefit of investing in good SEO services is that it is very rarely a lot of money. Prices for the service can vary and it will depend on what kind of setup your business is looking for to keep updates regular. In addition, because the information is so easy to access these days, a business can use SEO tactics to relay important messages, deals and to sell their product.

However, in the grand scheme of things, the money spent on perfecting your businesses’ SEO will outweigh the endless benefits that the service will supply you with. Searchability, visibility and authority – all for a small fee, is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for an agency to manage and run your SEO campaigns then please check out our page and get in contact with us.

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Controlling how People View your Business

SEO allows you to control how your business is viewed by others. This service can help dictate when your business should be featured and can even act as free advertising. Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers because your online platform isn’t what it could be.

Consistency is Key

As I mentioned at the beginning, the online world is forever changing. Google’s algorithm has thousands upon thousands of changes made to it every year, and therefore it is important that a website’s SEO is kept up to date. The problem with finding relevant keywords is that they only provide a short-term engagement, eventually, obstacles will begin to form for website traffic if not monitored.

It is so important to have good SEO that keeps ahead of the game (and ahead of the competition), so that your website reaches maximum optimization. In this case, consistency is key. By constantly checking and updating the SEO services available, your business’ chance of being discovered is increased.

Investing in Yourself and Your Business

In conclusion, without SEO, finding your website in any business sector would be exceptionally difficult. By taking ahold of your website and being able to understand the intricacies of particular keywords and trending searches, you can optimise your brand and bring in the relevant traffic you need. The more effort and time spent researching what you can do for your business, the better and longer a website stands as a worthy contender in its market.

A recent study shows that the first three organic search positions result in nearly 40% of all click-throughs. Make sure you are utilizing the services around you because if you want to be on Page One, investing in yourself and your business through SEO is a necessity.

If you need help or want professionals to manage your businesses SEO as now you understand the importance of SEO then please contact us here on our contact form.

To learn more about our SEO service please check out our page on Search Engine Optimisation.

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