Are SEO Agencies Worth It? We’re thinking the same thing you are. You’re a digital marketing firm, correct, Kaizen Five? You’ll never say anything negative about SEO.

We’re going to give you the full truth about SEO — the good, the bad, and the ugly – in this blog article, so be prepared to be surprised.

In this post, we’re going to explore are SEO agencies worth it, and is SEO worth it?

There are a lot of misconceptions in the SEO world, so let’s bust some SEO myths first.

Do SEO Rankings Equal Profit?

One prevalent myth that SEOs try to instil in their clients is that “after you get first place rankings, the sales will begin pouring in.”

We’ve had clients come to us after becoming dissatisfied with their present SEO firm, which promised a boost in sales after they reached the top place. So, what exactly is the issue here?

You won’t be successful no matter how high your rankings are if your website fails to provide a nice customer experience.

Not only does your website experience matter, but if you’re ranking for super low competition keywords that have no users clicking, then no wonder your sales aren’t pouring in!

Is your website user-friendly across all platforms? Is it able to address the questions that readers have? Your SEO provider is only performing half the work if they optimise for robots rather than humans.

If you nail your on-site SEO, you’ll be able to rank on Google’s first page. We know how to accomplish it because we’ve done it before.

Don’t put your confidence in an SEO firm that guarantees “position one rankings!” Google’s algorithm is subject to change at any time. It all began with the release of the Penguin and Panda upgrades.

Can You Rank For Specific Keywords

You could successfully optimise for certain keywords in the golden age of SEO (which was only a few years ago).

Things aren’t as straightforward these days. Yes, you can optimise for specific key words, but Google has the last say.

Do you know when the next algorithm change will be released? Do you know what Google’s next move will be? No one can guarantee you anything, it’s impossible.

Is All SEO The Same?

When you type ‘SEO business’ into Google, you’re met with a large list of results. 4,610,000 people, to be exact. Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy to SEO, a variety of SEO services are available.

For example, here are a few different types of SEO:

How do you know what to look for, though?

Obviously, you’re searching for someone who excels at SEO. Are they on the first page of Google? Is it true that they provide reasonably priced SEO services in your area? Do they have a good reputation? If that’s the case, you’ve found a winner. Not every SEO firm will be able to check all of the boxes. It’s all about selecting someone you can rely on to achieve outcomes.

Be careful as within SEO there are two kinds. Whitehat SEO, and Blackhat SEO. Whitehat SEO is good, and performed safely, whereas Blackhat SEO can lead to all sorts of mess and should be avoided at all costs!

So Are SEO Agencies Worth It?

This is a great question, and the answer is dependent on the SEO firm in question. We do not recommend paying for a method that will not provide a return on investment. What’s the purpose if you don’t have that?

Of course, we recognise that you want to see a return on your investment in our services. We take the time to research your sector and learn about your company. We never make promises we can’t keep, but we have the evidence to back it up. Our client testimonies are self-evident.

Please get in touch with us on our contact form so we can proceed and build you a strategy that will work for you.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO pricing really does depend on the agency. For example, we charge anywhere from £495+ depending on the sort of project. If it’s for a small business that only needs local SEO, then we may charge less.

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