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SEO Services is a key part of our business. It should also be a key part of your business as well. We’re here to help you boost your SEO results, reach 1st on the SERPs and get more leads through SEO.

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The Best UK SEO Agency

    The Best SEO Agency

    Why choose Kaizen Five as your SEO Agency

    We love SEO, and we have seen firsthand the benefits of SEO and how it can help your business exceed beyond your expecations.

    Kaizen Five SEO services are aimed at increasing organic traffic to generate new leads and revenue for your company
    Our SEO Services have a variety of different packages that are fit for all types of businesses, large or small
    Our SEO costs are low due to our business fully WFH. We have no large office overheads like most SEO Agencies
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    To be found on search engines like Google and Bing you need an SEO Agency to help you. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic by making optimisations to your website that Google likes. The result? You will be higher in the search results, and above your competitors.

    With 68% of all online activities starting with a search engine, it’s no wonder that businesses of all types have reached out to SEO agencies to help them get ranked on Google. The first page of Google recives around 90% of all clicks. If you’re not on the first page of Google, then there’s something you’re doing wrong, and you need to improve on it. That’s where we come in. A UK SEO agency ready to help any business. Get a free audit now.

    If you can dream it then we can rank it

    We work closely with you to help you gain organic traffic for the keywords your business wants and needs. SEO is not an overnight process, it can take months for you to come up first on Google. This is why it is so important to stay up to date with Google’s most recent search algorithm changes. Together, we will be able to keep your business on page one.

    Google’s algorithm changes frequently and therefore it is important to keep on top of these shifts in SEO. Work in your rankings can be easily lost when not kept on top of. We ensure that our knowledge for your business’ success is always up to date.

    On-Page SEO
    On-Page optimisation plays a significant role in ranking higher on Google
    Technical SEO
    Your website has to meet Google’s requirements to reach the first page
    Endless Possibilities
    With your vision in mind, the possibilities are endless. Let us take it off your hands!

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    SEO Services To Grow Your Organic Traffic

    SEO can be hard when you’re running a business, that’s why it’s best to leave it to us. The SEO professionals. We work on SEO on a daily basis, so we know how to help you to get to page 1, for a range of keywords that will benefit and support your business.

    Keyword Research
    The relevant keywords that your consumers are looking for will be targeted by our SEO team.
    Technical Analysis
    Search engine optimisation takes time, effort, and knowledge. We provide all of that and more at a premium level.
    Speed Optimisations
    No one likes a slow website, and on-top of all our other optimisations, we ensure that your site is running to it’s optimum level.
    Well Written Content
    Our writing is original and thoroughly researched. As a SEO agency, we are concerned about your company and the material that supports it.
    Analytics & Reports
    We’ll analyse both your website and those of your top rivals on Google. We’ll examine their ranking factors, and help you exceed them.
    Shared Knowledge
    We will let you know what people are looking for on your website, so you can use this data to help in-store, or online advertising campaigns.
    Local SEO Agency

    Local SEO Is One Of Our Main SEO Services

    If you run a buisness that operates in a fairly local area, then local SEO can benefit you massively. Local SEO is normally a lot easier to rank 1st for (depending on the keywords) as there are less businesses competing for the same keywords in your local area. This let’s you dominate the SERPs and rank above your best competitors.

    Here's some SEO questions we get a lot!

    It really depends on many different factors. One of the biggest factors is how competitive your businesses niche is. An e-commerce store competing with top name brands is going to take a lot longer to rank than an accountant based in a small village. On average you are looking between six months to one year.

    SEO is quite simply the practice of increasing the amount of web traffic you receive through different search engines. Our goal is to get you to the top of Google for keywords that are going to bring you more leads through your website. We would love to tell you all the ways we do this, but it would take up the whole website!

    SEO is not going to bring you immediate leads. If you need fast results then please check out our PPC pages. SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy and over time will create a great ROI. It just takes time to get to the top of search engines.

    Off-page SEO is an activity done outside of your businesses website to increase your rankings on search engines. For example, building backlinks is core to some of our SEO strategies, especially those with more competition in the niche they are in.

    Backlinks are super easy to understand. A backlink is created when another website links to another one. In Googles eyes, a backlink from one site to another is almost like a vote of confidence. You want backlinks from high authority websites as they are much better than 1000s of small non-credible websites linking to you.

    On-page SEO is a bit more technical than off-page SEO. It is small adjustments made to your site to increase your rankings on Google. For example, removing dead links, adjusting text, meta optimisation, improving page load speeds and a lot more.

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