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Why do we use WordPress

Here at Kaizen Five we use WordPress because it is such a powerful tool that allows us to build clients outstanding websites, with mobile in mind and it also has a great CMS built in. While it did start as a blogging tool, it now has evolved into a powerful open source platform for developers around the world.

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What does WordPress provide me?

Why is a WordPress website better?

A lot of digital agencies charge you extra to access the back end of the website and we don’t agree with that. If we build your website, you’re entitled to full access of your website, and no hidden fees. We use WordPress CMS as clients find it easier to use after development is complete, and the interface is fairly user friendly after some training. If you don’t wish to manage the website yourself, then let us manage it each month!


WordPress websites are super fast

Did you know that 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with website performance say they won’t even come back to the website. Imagine that, you have got the customer to your website, but they leave because it took over 10 seconds to get into the website. We will optimise all of your pages, images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files so your website is as fast as it could be.

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