Who is visiting my website?

Who is visiting my website?

Who is visiting my website? That’s it, you have your website, whether you had it built or used a website builder and now everyone can come and see your website! But how do you track what works and who is actually visiting your site?

You don’t want to create a website and then have the complete opposite target audience visiting your website without you knowing do you? No… So you want to find out exactly who is on your site. There is a way to do this and it’s super simple!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great and free way to track how many, who and what is on your site at all times. As well as data from the day before it can also track who is on your site at that very moment, so it can be great if you’re launching a new product on your eCommerce site!

What’s great about Google Analytics is that you can actually see where your visitors are coming from. This is great for local businesses if you have pages for certain locations, you can then see if that visitor is from that location.

There really are endless things you can do with Google Analytics, so it’s probably best to dive right in and give it a shot your self. You will have to give it about a week so it can actually pick up some data.

You can also compare data. You could compare how you’re doing this year compared to last year, but it’s all configurable to your needs.

How to Setup Google Analytics?

Google Search Console

With Google Search Console you can’t see who’s on your site, but you can see the number of times you have been found on Google and whether someone decided to click on your website or not.

This is a great tool for those who are focusing on SEO. This allows you to track not only the clicks but also the impressions for every individual search query that you come upon. Best of all, they’re both free services!

It also helps you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. CTR (Click-through rate) is great to track what percentage of people actually click your link in Google.

How to setup Google Search Console?

But I don’t know how to add the code?

Watch a YouTube video! These are really simple to install and almost anyone can do them. If you’re using a website builder ask them to insert the small line of code into the header for Google Analytics, and then for Google Search Console you have to link it up to your domain.

I will whack in two videos above to help you. But if you get really stuck, pop us an email here and we can point you in the right direction or video for free 🙂

If you have any more questions at all about any of the above information, please leave a comment and we will be happy to respond.

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