Website Pricing Guide 2023: The Ultimate Website Pricing Guide – It’s typical to ask how much website design will cost in 2023 if you’re planning to build a new website. What’s the difference between a website that can cost £100 or more depending on your needs? The degree of design complexity, the extent of programming requirements, the necessity for customised functionality, and other factors all affect pricing.

The best method to receive an accurate price for your website design project is to have a thorough conversation with a web design specialist – give us a call for a free 15-minute chat to learn more.

So how do you decide how much money to allocate while creating a new website? The cost of a website is tough to estimate because there are so many factors at play, but we’ll go over what to anticipate and the range of prices.

You may choose the best website design business that fits your budget and objectives by knowing how much a website will cost.

So what are your options?

When it comes to building a website there are really two main options. You can either make the website yourself through a cheap website building platform like Wix or Shopify. Or you can speak to a website design specialist and have a website built this way.

To help you make a quick decision, if you have a lot of spare time and you’re a small business, then a site builder might be the best decision. If you’re a business entrepreneur who has a team of 5, and cannot spare any extra time, then a website design specialist will be your best bet.

Website Builder Options

Making a website without the help of an agency is not the only option. Nowadays, websites that offer freelance services as well as many plug-and-play choices are available. In the end, you might have just as much knowledge on your side, but it should still be possible for you to launch a workable website online.

If you’re a start-up company, that might be all you need to get going. You can collaborate with a web design company and make an investment in a redesign when your business expands and you have the need (and financial resources) to create a more professional or comprehensive website.


Wix is a viable solution if you need to create a website on a tiny budget. Scalability and the potential for adding bespoke features are often drawbacks of DIY systems. The ability to use cutting-edge SEO methods and on-site SEO is yet another significant drawback of Wix. There are some built-in SEO features, although they are not very strong.

If you’re looking to compete with some of the bigger competitors in your area, then Wix might not be the best bet for you.


Shopify is a terrific platform for creating your own, very simple eCommerce website. While installing a template and selecting one from their “themes” would require some understanding, it is possible.

Shopify has a variety of editions, but the entry-level version should be sufficient to get started and enable you to launch an eCommerce website.


Squarespace is another straightforward platform that may be useful for simple content websites, although WordPress is in many ways superior (but takes more technical knowledge). Squarespace’s eCommerce features are quite rudimentary and not search engine friendly, therefore we do not advise using them.

Freelancer Services

Using a freelancer is very much like using an agency on a smaller scale. The good thing is that prices are cheap, but at the same time it can be extremely hard to find a fantastic freelancer in the web design space as it is so flooded with bad freelancers.

One tip when using freelancers is to always go through the platform that you found them on. That way you will never risk losing money by getting scammed.

Website Development Agency

When it comes to fending off the competition, working with a seasoned web development service puts you on the correct track. It’s possible that your competitors’ brands and company rivals already have stylish layouts and simplified user interfaces. What if you could surpass them, though? Utilizing the greatest resources and help available makes sense in the fight for client attention.

You won’t even get out of the starting blocks if you use a subpar collection of tools or struggle to launch a website on your own.

Your website or websites will be made to stand out in a positive way by a skilled web development team. They’ll be fully aware of the needs of web users and take care to create design decisions that are both useful and consistent with your company’s image. Additionally, you’ll have total creative control.

Here are some great reasons to use a website dev team:

  • Web development is hard
  • Web development is time-consuming
  • You don’t know the latest trends and what works
  • New ideas and insights
  • They are an extended part of your team

Website Cost Breakdown 2023

Here is a breakdown of all the costs you need to think about when building a website:

  • Sitemap Creation – £400+
  • Website Design & Layout – £1500+
  • Landing Pages – £125 per page
  • Responsive Design – £1000+
  • eCommerce Features – £2000+
  • Data Integrations – £300+
  • Website Copywriting – £300+
  • Content Management System (CMS) – £1000+
  • Domain Name – £12.99+ / per year
  • Website Hosting – £25+ / per month
  • SEO Services – £450+ / per month
  • Website Monthly Maintenance – £35+ / per month

All of the prices above are prices based on recent websites we have built in the UK. This does not include overseas prices. Anything below these prices and we would become wary with the website you will receive at the end.

Not every website will need all of these features, and each website will vary in many different ways, so to get a very accurate price on your website speak to a website design specialist.

Lady drawing on a piece of paper web design

Development might cost anything between £2,500 to £100,000 or more.

It relies on a lot of variables, including the number of pages, the degree of design or development complexity, the number of integrations, and many more.

Numerous aspects that will affect the final cost must be determined before you can estimate the cost of website construction.

To help a website design specialist, think of these 3 factors:

  • Type of website
  • Type of team
  • Team’s region

If you’re having a 5 page basic B2B website built in India, then it’s going to be much cheaper than a 2000+ page eCommerce site based in the UK.

Why do website agencies’ prices vary so much?

Given the price range, which may range from FREE to £150,000 or more, many executives and business owners may find themselves wondering what is a reasonable price to charge for their website. Additionally, since there is more to creating a high-quality website than meets the eye, the ordinary individual is probably uninformed about how one is constructed.

Here are some factors to consider when having a website built for you:

  • Website complexity
  • The scope of the website’s content
  • Time for completion
  • Size of the website design firm
  • Experience in the website design firm
  • The potential role the site might have in a company

All of these factors come into play when going to different agencies for different websites. Just because your uncle’s friend built you a website for free, doesn’t mean that a large agency have to discount your website!

Pay Monthly Websites

Pay monthly websites give you the best of both worlds. In our case, we take you through the same process any other agency would take you through, by building you a bespoke website custom-made for your website, but instead of giving you one option of payment, we let you split the cost over 12 months.

While most pay monthly website services start at £29/pm, our services start at £259/pm. This is for a 12-month contract, and unlike the cheaper alternatives, you actually own your website at the end of the 12-month period.

What are the benefits of a pay monthly website?

We realise how difficult it may be to choose a web design agency. Companies might demand hundreds of pounds or even thousands of pounds in advance.

As a result, picking a web design agency might be a challenging undertaking. The procedure might include a lot of language in some circumstances. Furthermore, some businesses include unanticipated hidden expenses throughout the process.

Imagine being able to get everything you need, including website design, hosting, and SEO, for a single monthly fee. You may acquire a high-quality website for a fraction of the cost in the industry with Kaizen Five.

Website on a laptop in a room

We can design Pay Monthly Websites for a wide range of industries, from small businesses to major e-commerce sites. Whatever your company does, we’ve got you covered.

Please contact us right away to discuss your needs in further detail.

How to pick the best website agency

Website design and development agencies are fantastic. We of course are one of those agencies but we have to admit that there are a lot of agencies out there who are in it for the quick cash, and whilst they might leave you with a nice site, it might also be a nightmare to get new features published on your site after the website has gone live.

Here are some important things to consider when picking a website agency:

  • Consider your website requirements – Some agencies specialise in specific websites, so ensure you’re approaching the right agency.
  • Decide on a budget – A lot of agencies don’t work with small budgets, but this is something you can figure out by getting in touch with them. They will tell you if you’re not best suited.
  • Look at their portfolio and results – If an agency doesn’t have any work or a portfolio, then we would suggest that you either question them why, or don’t go with them at all. They might be awful!
  • Read reviews and testimonials – Have a look and see what people on, trust pilot, google reviews have to say. If someone has had a bad experience, then they will most likely tell the world!
  • Give them a call – Lastly the best thing to do would be to actually jump on a call with them and see what they have to say. You will be able to tell on the call if you’re a good fit or not.
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