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    Websites are key for any business that wants to survive in the modern day. A website acts as a hub for all information about your business that anyone can access in a matter of seconds. This fast access to information is what drives a lot of your consumers decisions.

    Design is an important factor to whether a consumer picks your business over another. That’s where we come in. Websites that look better, easy to use and offer more functionality often perform far better than a poorly designed website.

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    With less than one second to impress, you need expert help with your design.

    Web design = user experience. With all of our websites we offer a design service before we get started. We understand that you may not know how you want your website to look, and with your ideas and our expertise we can create something truly amazing. Nearly 8 in 10 users will bounce if your site disappoints, so with our help we will reduce that number as much as possible and design you a website you're proud of.

    Web Design Agency

    At Kaizen Five we love helping businesses of all sizes create websites that truly represent their business. A website acts as the hub for your online business as everything points back to it. Ads, social media, referrals and word of mouth. Once a potential customer has heard about you there is a very high chance that they are going to visit your website before doing anything else.

    Making this first impression count is key as to whether or not they become a client or customer. 38% of consumers will stop engaging with content that is unattractive in imagery or layout. This is why you need the best web design agency to help your business create an amazing looking website. We are more than happy to talk to you about your options before going ahead with anything. Check out our free 15-minute consultation!

    Web Design Benefits

    Having a website that is professionally designed ensures your site will give visitors a good first impression. With the online world decreasing the users attention span, a good first impression is extremely vital to your online success. Many people don’t consider the design of the sitemap, and how user navigation is important. We take all of these aspects in and build you a website design that suits your business and attracts customers.

    Websites aren’t cheap, and neither is having it done 4 more times. Having your website designed professionally the first time round will not only save you money as you won’t have to redesign the website every year, but your revenue will also increase from that point onwards. Instead of your website performing poorly due to a bad design year on year, it’s worth investing in a good website from the very start to ensure you get the most from it.


    of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credability based on their website’s design.


    of B2B customers search the web before making a purchase decision.


    of a website user’s first imoressions are design-related.


    of users are more lkely to return to a mobile-friendly website.

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