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We’re experts in the website development field in St Albans. We can assure you that your new website will bring in more traffic, leads and sales. Aside from the fantastic new look, your website will be more functional and easy to use. Get in touch to get started with the best Web Design in St Albans.

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    Web Design St Albans

    An amazing website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.

    Having a great looking website is important as it is often the first impression you give to a potential new customer. It takes around 50 milliseconds for the visitor on your site to form an opinion and it is always design related. The user's attention is going to be drawn to the first thing they see and that is why you need our an agency that is brilliant at web design in St Albans to help you build and design a great looking site.

    Monthly Website Pricing

    Are you starting a new business or want to boost the performance of an existing one? Pay Monthly Website Plans are available to fit all needs and budgets. Our Pay Monthly Web Design Prices are transparent. All contracts span over 12 months, and the website ownership is transferred over to you at the end.

    5 Page Website


    Best For Small Businesses

    5 Pages + Legal Pages
    Desktop & Mobile Optimised
    Hosting & Security Included
    Unlimited Changes
    Extremely Fast Performance
    Bespoke Design
    14 Page Website


    Best for Service Based Businesses

    Service & Portfolio Pages Included
    Analytics & Search Console Setup
    Unlimited Changes
    Free 3 Designs Before First Payment
    Dailys Backups
    Hosting & security Included
    18+ Page Website


    Best for Scaling Businesses

    Landing Pages Included
    Mobile & Desktop Optimised
    Unlimited Tweaks
    Delivered Within 4 Weeks
    Latest Technology
    High Level of Security
    Radcliffe Consulting
    Aim Creative
    Tiger Flooring
    World Class Manager

    Web Design Agency St Albans

    At Kaizen Five we love helping businesses of all sizes in St Albans create websites that truly represent their business. A website acts as the hub for your online business as everything points back to it. Ads, social media, referrals and word of mouth. Once a potential customer has heard about you there is a very high chance that they are going to visit your website before doing anything else.

    Making this first impression count is key as to whether or not they become a client or customer. 38% of consumers will stop engaging with content that is unattractive in imagery or layout. This is why you need the best web design agency in St Albans to help your business create an amazing looking website. We are more than happy to talk to you about your options before going ahead with anything. Check out our free 15-minute consultation!

    Web Development St Albans

    A new website doesn’t only just look good, if done correctly it can also benefit your SEO strategy. SEO has changed a lot over the years, and the website you got built 5 years ago probably does not use many of the best practices that are known today. For example, mobile optimisation is a big one. Plenty of websites do not utilise mobile optimisation and with more than half of the interest surfing the web with a mobile device, it is key for your businesses online success.

    Aswell as up to date SEO practices it actually builds trust with your audience. People do not trust poorly designed websites anymore and if the site and information looks outdated they are probably going to leave. Imagine a customer has to pick between your outdated site and your competitors newly designed and slick looking website. You can probably guess who has the better chance. We are here to help with your Website Design issues in St Albans!


    of negative website feedback is design-related


    of users leave a website because it loads too slowly


    of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design


    of users prefer to read beautifully designed content

    If you can dream it, we can rank it

    SEO is important and the fact you are on this page means you are either one step ahead of your competitor or you want to beat out the competition and rank for keywords they are already ranking for.

    At Kaizen Five we work with our clients to bring them the best results possible using the best methods possible. We use best-practice methods and a lot of research to get you to the top of Google and to help you beat out your competitors. We help both large and small businesses with their St Albans SEO. Contact us and we can help your business get found organically through search engines.

    Technical Optimisation
    On-site optimisation plays a significant role in ranking higher on Google
    Content Optimisation
    Your website’s copy is adapted to ensure keywords align with your user’s search queries
    Endless Possibilities
    With your vision in mind, the possibilities are endless. Let us take it off your hands!

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    How a great Web Design business in St Albans can help

    How can we help your businesses Website?

    We are passionate about helping your business succeed digitally and to do that you need a great looking site. From start to finish we will keep you in the loop the entire time so we can understand exactly how you want the site to look. A responsive and easy to use website is important for the ultimate user satisfaction and that is what we provide for each of our client’s sites in St Albans.

    It doesn’t stop there. As the best Web Design Agency in St Albans, we will give you ongoing support for a monthly fee to keep your site running smoothly and prevent attackers from accessing the site. Sites that are regularly updated with new content and best practices are far more likely to rank higher on Google than your competitors run-down sites!

    Designing your website so that it encourages users to either checkout or get in touch with you is something other agencies look over. Our sites are built around getting your business more traffic, leads and in the end conversions. A website is an employee that knows everything about your website and is around 24/7. So having a website that displays the correct information in the right places in critical for digital success.

    What is our Web Design St Albans process?

    Here is our Web Design St Albans Process from start to finish

    1. Design
    Through this stage, we want to learn as much about your business as possible, that way we can design a website that is going to work for you. We will create some wireframes for you to look at, and then show you a theme we think will best suit the style of your site. Themes can be completely redesigned and that is what we do best.
    2. Development
    This is the part you will not see too much of, but we will give you updates along the way so we know you are happy with how everything is going. Using a CMS called WordPress we can build your site exactly the way you want it and replicate the designs shown in the design stage. Depending on the project, if there is something you want to change mid way though you will have to let us know first!
    3. Launch
    Our favourite part of the process, launch day! This is when your new website finally goes live to the world! We will ensure that it is as smooth as possible with as little downtime. Documentation on how to use the site will also be sent over unless you have chosen to have continuous support.
    4. Maintenance & Support
    Sites that we maintain are updated regularly to ensure your website is as secure as possible. Each package varies with each site but minor changes are encouraged. Regular updates to content are something Google also likes so it can be very beneficial for your SEO.

    Our eCommerce sites are scalable

    Aswell as a normal business website, we also build both small and large eCommerce sites. Using a CMS called WordPress along with WooCommerce we can create scalable eCommerce sites for your business in St Albans. No matter what you sell, we can help you create an amazing website to showcase your product and sell it to the world!

    WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce system that allows us to build any type of WooCommerce site you need. Once development has been completed, managing the backend is very simple. From managing stock to updating images we can also teach you how to do all of this once your new eCommerce site is live.

    eCommerce Web Design St Albans

    Building an online shop is one thing but building an online shop that actually converts is what we do best! It is the small elements of a website that can encourage users to check out, along with a beautiful design. CTAs, sense of urgency and an SSL are only scraping the surface of what we offer to encourage your users to buy.

    Prices for eCommerce sites start at £3000 in St Albans. Price varies on multiple factors from how many products are going to be on the site, to the complexity of the eCommerce website. If you are curious and want to know more about what we can offer, please get in touch with us for a free 15-minute consultation where we run you though everything you need to know.

    Frequently asked questions about Web Design

    Web Design Agency St Albans most asked questions

    Our CMS of choice is WordPress. It allows us to build sites that are either very simple or require complex functionality. It’s a powerful CMS that is also very scalable and our sites are built to grow from the day they are launched!

    How much is a piece of string… We simply cannot give a straight answer to this question. Some sites are only 5 pages whereas other sites are over 50+! An eCommerce site is also going to cost more than a standard business website due to the functionality and set up it requires.

    All of our websites are mobile-friendly. We never build a website that isn’t mobile-friendly as this would dramatically affect the user’s experience when using the site on a mobile device. Our sites work across all devices and we have future-proofed our sites so they also work on larger screens like 4k monitors.

    It depends on the size of a site. A small business website may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks but a large eCommerce site may take anywhere from 1 month to 3 months. We can go through this with you after we have created a sitemap and know what type of site you need built.

    While we offer a maintenance and support package to help and assist you will small changes in the future, the site is all yours and you can make any edits you want. Some sites are going to be easier than others to edit so if this is something you are considering to do, please let us know so we can make sure the site is set up for you to make edits easily.

    Aswell as website design and development we also offer SEO and PPC services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is a digital marketing strategy used to rank your website higher on Google. We also offer PPC (Pay Per Click) which allows an advertiser to display adverts on sites like Facebook and also across Google using Google AdWords. Please contact us for more information.

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