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As a remote agency we don’t have expensive overheads, which means we can lower the cost of your SEO monthly retainers. For SEO we require a minimum of 6 months. This is because SEO takes a long time, and it can take 6 months minimum to show you results.

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    We have tried to highlight the main features of each SEO package below. We can’t fit in all of the small details, but enough to help you understand each package. To learn more about each package please feel free to contact us.



    £550 for setup

    Keyword Research
    Analytics Setup & Configuration
    20 Keywords Tracked
    Technical SEO
    On-Page SEO
    Content Optimisation
    Basic On-Site Optimisation
    One Blog Per Month
    Monthly Custom Report
    Monthly Zoom Call to run through report


    £650 Setup

    Advanced Keyword Research
    Analytics Setup & Configuration
    35 Keywords Tracked
    1 Hour strategy session each month
    Internal Link Building
    Technical SEO
    On-Page SEO
    Offsite Link Building
    eCommerce / Lead Generation Focused
    Five Blogs Per Month
    Monthly Custom Report
    Monthly Zoom Call to run through report
    Landing Page Creation
    AB/Variation Testing
    SEO Pricing Explained

    SEO Pricing. A Quick Introduction Into SEO and How It Can Benefit Your Business.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in basic terms is the process of improving your site’s visibility on search engines like Google & Bing. Here at Kaizen Five, we do this within three different packages. The main difference between each package is the man-hours spent on your site per month. These increase dramatically the more you invest, leading to better and faster results for your business.

    SEO isn’t an overnight fix for your business. It takes time and a lot of hours and you should expect results to show within six months depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. The great thing about SEO is that it produces results for you 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year if you’re optimising your site for the correct keywords! We aim to rank you at the top of Google so anyone that searches for that keyword will instantly discover your business before anyone else’s on the organic search results (excluding paid ad results).

    It all starts with a plan and a lot of research on our behalf. We dive into every single aspect of your site and discover what is already working and what is not up to standard. This is both technical SEO and on-site SEO. This lets us understand exactly what route we need to go down to give you the best ROI in the long run. We’re committed to helping our clients grow organically leading to a continuous stream of leads and sales every day.

    If you are confused on what package your business should go for, then please feel free to contact us and we can jump on a call with you and go through the finer details within each package and help you pick what ones right for your business.

    Free SEO Audit

    Our free SEO audits gives you an insight into how well the SEO on your website is doing. More businesses each year decide to concentrate on their online presence, this leads to businesses who haven’t optimised their site for the search engines to be pushed down to the bottom of Google leading to no organic traffic.

    Learn more about the audit by clicking on the image to find our free SEO audit page. Here you will learn more about everything involved and what we go over.

    Technical SEO
    We will explore the technical side of your site.
    On-page SEO
    We’ll take a look at the content and keywords.
    Custom Report
    A custom report made for your business
    Basic Package Explained

    What type of business is the basic package for?

    Our basic SEO package is tailored towards established smaller business looking to rank higher in the organic search results around the county and location they are based in. While we do offer this service to all small businesses we always advise that you have had some sort of web presence beforehand to acquire the best results possible. If you have not had a web presence beforehand then do not worry, we can still help but it may take longer compared to a business with an established web presence already.

    Google requires your site to build up your authority before it considers ranking you higher on the search results. The bronze package includes everything a small business would need in order to climb higher within the search engine. Before we start we will create a strategy that we think will benefit your business in the best possible way. Along the way, we are going to be reporting each month so you can see how well the progress is doing for specific keywords.

    If you are a small business looking to establish a better web presence and beat your competitors then please get in touch with us!

    Advanced Package Explained

    What type of business is the advanced package for?

    Our advanced SEO package is created around established small to medium-sized businesses competing online with a substantial amount of competition online. These businesses have a good web presence but are not showing in the search results for any of the keywords they are targeting leaving almost zero conversions on their website. This package can also be great for small e-commerce stores.

    Using our knowledge we will lay out a plan of action and how we are going to get you from the bottom of Google to the top and as fast as possible. We will always start by building up a higher domain authority so Google understands that you are an established business and then we can start targeting the more powerful and competition heavy keywords that will climb you to the top of Google.

    We will also start creating some basic social media posts for your business as this is not only going to establish your social media presence but will build up some social media links which will help your business grow organically in the long run.

    SEO Spend Decision

    What should you budget for SEO services?

    The cost of SEO services is determined by the size of your company and the scope of services you require. While SEO charges vary per agency, it’s crucial to remember that when it comes to SEO services, you frequently get what you pay for.

    If you’re looking for an SEO agency, don’t settle for “cheap” SEO services. Instead, choose a top SEO firm that provides high-quality SEO services. Continuous consultation with an industry leader in SEO, like many other professional services sectors, will be more expensive than with an inexperienced and untested agency.

    Finally, your objectives should define how much you should spend on SEO services.

    The SEO effort will be more thorough the larger your website is. As a result, you should expect to spend a higher price for SEO services. It’s also vital to keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process.

    Instead of investing in one-time SEO tactics, consider a monthly SEO plan that will maintain your site current and allow it to rank at the top of search results on a consistent basis.

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