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    SEO Audit For Your Business

    How can an SEO Audit benefit your business?

    Our free SEO audits gives you an insight into how well the SEO on your website is doing. More businesses each year decide to concentrate on their online presence, this leads to businesses who haven’t optimised their site for the search engines to be pushed down to the bottom of Google leading to no organic traffic.

    Technical SEO

    A deep dive into the technical side of your site

    On-Page SEO

    We'll analyse the content on your site

    Custom Report

    We create a custom report for your business

    Technical SEO

    We’ll explore the technical side of your site by looking at how your site is crawled and indexed by search engines and all of the other elements that help your site rank through technical SEO.

    Dead Links?
    Duplicate Content
    Secure site?

    On-page SEO

    The content on your site really matters on how Google displays your business in the search results. We’ll take a look at the content and keywords that make your site rank on different search engines.

    Keyword Research
    Budget Management
    Ongoing Optimisation
    Clear Monthly Targets Agreed
    No long term contracts or hidden fees

    Custom Report

    The report we write out is going to be unique to your business. No report is like any other as we take a deep dive into how well the SEO on your businesses website is doing and how you can improve.

    Easy to Understand
    No SEO Jargon
    We'll Run You Through It
    No Hidden Fees, Completely Free

    Happy clients trust Kaizen Five

    We Design & Build Powerful SEO Campaigns

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    SEO Audit Process

    Simple three step process

    We understand that SEO can be hard to read and learn. That’s why we’re offering a free 15-minute session to run through and explain the audit to yourself. This allows you to completely understand everything and you can clearly take your next steps in your SEO journey.

    Once we have your details, we can now start to research your business and everything to do with SEO.
    We’ll start to put together the report in an easy to understand format for you and your business.
    We understand that SEO can be hard to explain, so we will have a free 15-minute zoom call to explain everything.

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    We can discuss what problems you are having and how we can solve them

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