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SEO is a great way for your business to drive organic traffic to your website

We are going to take a guess and say you found us through Google using the search terms either 'SEO Agency Tonbridge' or 'SEO Tonbridge'. That is exactly what we wanted you to do, and this is the same way we can help your business rank for relevant search terms and get to the top of Google.

SEO Specialists Tonbridge

Struggling to find a reliable SEO Company in Tonbridge? Kaizen Five is a reliable and trustworthy SEO Agency that is here to help you generate leads for your business in Tonbridge through SEO. Letting us handle your SEO gives you more time to focus on running your business, an improved website and better user experience and improved rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yelp.

SEO in Tonbridge isn’t an overnight job and can also be really tough to rank for short-tail keywords your business relies on, but when done properly the ROI is amazing for your business. It allows a steady stream of traffic over time brining you consistent results day in day out. With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s no surprise why businesses love this marketing technique.

SEO Agency Tonbridge

It has actually been proven that 87% of users who land on the first page of Google do not actually navigate past the first page. This is a major issue if you are a small business located in Tonbridge. Unless you are other digital marketing tactics like PPC you may just be relying on word of mouth and when those referrals dry up you are going to be in a rough spot.

This is why it is crucial to get started with your SEO now as it can take a long time to rank first on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The faster you get started, the better the long term. The longer you work on your SEO, the higher you are going to be on the search results leading to more leads and website clicks.


of all online activities start with a search engine


of all Google searchers are local


of smartphone owners use a search engine at least once a day


the first five organic results account for 68% of all clicks

If you can dream it, we can rank it

SEO important and the fact you are on this page means you are either one step ahead of your competitor or you want to beat out the competition and rank for keywords they are already ranking for. We would love to boast about how good we are, but the fact you are on this page must say something!

At Kaizen Five we work with our clients to bring them the best results possible using the best methods possible. We use best-practice methods and a lot of research to get you to the top of Google and to help you beat out your competitors. We help both large and small businesses with their Tonbridge SEO. Contact us and we can help your business get found organically through search engines.

Technical Optimisation
On-site optimisation plays a significant role in ranking higher on Google
Content Optimisation
Your website’s copy is adapted to ensure keywords align with your user’s search queries
Endless Possibilities
With your vision in mind, the possibilities are endless. Let us take it off your hands!

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How SEO can help your business get discovered in Tonbridge

SEO helps your business in Tonbridge get to the top of Google

To be found on search engines like Google and Bing you really need to focus on a marketing technique called SEO. Without SEO it’s like having a storefront stuck in the middle of the desert. No one will ever find out. But once you start focusing on optimising your website for search engines it opens up a path to your businesses online website.

SEO in Tonbridge isn’t an overnight job and can also be really tough to rank for short-tail keywords your business relies on, but when done properly the ROI is amazing for your business. It allows a steady stream of traffic over time brining you consistent results day in day out. With 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s no surprise why businesses love this marketing technique.

If SEO is done correctly and well, you could be looking at 14.6% conversion rates which is extremely good. To put it into comparison, traditional marketing strategies like print ads and direct mail have a 1.7% conversion rate. This fact alone really shows you why you need to be focusing on SEO. We’re here to help with your businesses SEO. It’s not a one-stop-shop, and you need to focus on your sites SEO at least 4 times a month which can be time-consuming. As an SEO Agency in Tonbridge, we can help!

What is our process?

Here is our SEO Process from start to finish

1. We will get to know your business and manage your expectations.
It is key we know how your business works and what you are trying to achieve. As SEO specialists in Hertfordshire, we know what it takes to get results for SEO and we have to qualify our clients before going forward.
2. We will audit your site
Once we know if we are a good match for each other, we will audit your website and look at the current state and see what needs to be done. This allows us to curate and pick a package that we think is going to be best for your business to see results.
3. Let's get started.
Of course, there are a few more processes we need to go through, but we cannot explain them all otherwise we will be all day! When we are both happy we can begin to work through your site and work closely with you to create an SEO strategy that we know will bring leads through to your business.
4. Keeping you updated
Keeping you in the loop is crucial at all times for the success of the SEO campaign. We are pretty sure you are going to want to hear your results month after month, and within these meetings, we will discuss what we want to do next and how it is going to benefit the campaign as a whole.

Our packages are designed for growth

Our SEO packages are designed to help your business grow and expand. The higher you are on Google the better more leads and sales you are going to get through your website. This allows you to focus on growing your business and securing clients in Hertfordshire.

We have four different types of packages ranging from local SEO in Tonbridge to enterprise packages helping larger businesses grow and get more clicks from Google. We will understand your business before we offer you a package. We need to understand who you are trying to sell to and how currently, and we can adapt your website to match it.

An honest approach to SEO in Tonbridge

We only use the best SEO methods when working with your business. There are a lot of other agencies that like to try some SEO strategies with your website that could potentially penalise your site and get you unindexed from the google search results.

Book in a 15-minute consultation with us and we would absolutely love to speak to you on how we can help your business grow. SEO can boost your sales and leads if done correctly and with best practices.

Frequently asked questions

It really depends on many different factors. One of the biggest factors is how competitive your businesses niche is. An e-commerce store competing with top name brands is going to take a lot longer to rank than an accountant based in a small village. On average you are looking between six months to one year.

SEO is quite simply the practice of increasing the amount of web traffic you receive through different search engines. Our goal is to get you to the top of Google for keywords that are going to bring you more leads through your website. We would love to tell you all the ways we do this, but it would take up the whole website!

SEO is not going to bring you immediate leads. If you need fast results then please check out our PPC pages. SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy and over time will create a great ROI. It just takes time to get to the top of search engines.

Off-page SEO is an activity done outside of your businesses website to increase your rankings on search engines. For example, building backlinks is core to some of our SEO strategies, especially those with more competition in the niche they are in.

Backlinks are super easy to understand. A backlink is created when another website links to another one. In Googles eyes, a backlink from one site to another is almost like a vote of confidence. You want backlinks from high authority websites as they are much better than 1000s of small non-credible websites linking to you.

On-page SEO is a bit more technical than off-page SEO. It is small adjustments made to your site to increase your rankings on Google. For example, removing dead links, adjusting text, meta optimisation, improving page load speeds and a lot more.

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