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Jet a Drive Website

The Challenge & Solution

Jet-a-Drive was in desperate need of a new website when approaching Kaizen Five. With an outdated website, almost no call to actions, and several important elements vital for a website missing, it was no wonder visitors would leave immediately. Jet-a-Drive wanted a more modern website that allowed visitors to contact them in the easiest way possible and understand what services they offer.

We achieved this by creating a website that allows visitors to request a free quote as soon as they come onto the website, instantly grabbing the users’ attention. The first thing they see now, when loaded into the page, is a ‘request for a free quote’ form.

Another reason Jet-a-Drive needed a new website was that the last website wasn’t mobile responsive. This meant that a lot of users had to pinch the screen to try and view content on smaller devices such as a phone or tablet. This was the biggest reason people left the website straight away as for some people it was unusable. We built the new website starting from mobile to moving up to desktop, ensuring the website would work well on smaller devices.

Lastly, the on-page SEO was using outdated methods to bring in organic traffic from Google and other search engines. So we updated the on-page SEO to target longtail keywords that will bring in organic traffic in the hope of turning visitors into long-term customers. We have done this by using extensive keyword research and throughout the next few months, will test and measure how well different pages rank.

jet a drive services page
jet a drive about us page

Before & After

As you can see on the left, this is the website jet-a-drive has had for over 10 years now. It was very out of date, with a very in your face colour scheme. Compare it to the new website on the right you can see how the colours work a lot better and how the content is more spread out across the page. Previously the website would be hard to view on a mobile device, but now due to the new design, it is responsive and fits every size device.

Jet a drive before websiteJet a Drive Website