Soundfreaq Website Design & Development

Soundfreaq Website Design & Development

Soundfreaq is a fantastic company that required a complex multisite that could serve multiple purposes other than just selling to the average consumer. We achieved this using the power of WordPress and a bit of magic.

Website Design & Development

Soundfreaq approached Kaizen Five to create them a new website. As they sell to multiple countries, their current system used the Shopify backend, and then for each country they would use a different domain. For example .eu or .com. The branding was not consistent and the design on each site also lacked consistency. The solution. They needed a multisite that worked off of one domain name, and a powerful, consistent and easy to use website for the consumer.

The theme of the website stays very consistent throughout every single site. Nothing changes aside from the languages and some products on each site. As well as offering to a consumer, they also sell to hotels. Soundfreaq needed a great landing page that they can send potential clients to. This is where they gather information about Soundfreaq and how it works.

There is also two sets of products on the site. Business products, and consumer products. These are split out separately on each page and never mix. We did this by hiding specific products through a plugin, then running a product query on a custom shop page that is just for business products.