Simplicitea Website Development

Simplicitea Blends Website Development

Simplicitea is an eCommerce business that has a range of hand-crafted tea blends. From eco-benefits to health benefits, it's a fantastic business that has tea blends at a very affordable price.

Web Development

Simplicitea was referred to us by a past client who we have worked with. A design business called Aim Creative. Aim Creative already planned to design them a home page, but needed the rest done like the development. We agreed, sent the proposal and got started straight away. Aim Creative along with the Simplicitea Business owner knew exactly what they wanted out of the website, so we worked closely with Aim Creative to create a site that was simple, and looked good.

The brands packaging for the blended tea used 5 different bright colours, and that’s something we knew we had to incorporate in the website design. As well as using different coloured images, recommended to us by Aim Creative, we also decided to change the background colours on each page for the CTA section. The CTA section includes a contact form, and some text, and with the bright coloured background you can clearly spot this on any page.

Instructions are very important on this website and we needed to make sure that you could clearly find the instructions for each page on. We decided to add more tabs on the product page so you can easily find the ingredients, brewing instructions and storage instructions. These are on every single product.

The checkout process is also extremely easy. The website is powered by WordPress & WooCommerce using a theme that we have changed, and used a lot of custom code to add specific elements.