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Radcliffe Consulting Website Development

Website rebuild from the ground up

After having issues with the website for quite some time now, Richard approached and asked us how we think moving forward with the current site would be possible while having a backend that's not working correctly. We figured out a way on how to do this quickly and efficiently and with close to no down time for the site.

Website Rebuild
Radcliffe Consulting
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Radcliffe Consulting is a legacy fundraising consultancy driven by global legacy expert Richard Radcliffe. Richards site had been compromised last year, and while most elements of the site were fixed, the backend wasn’t exactly where it should of been and was also affecting performance. Richard liked his site and wasn’t looking for a new design, so asked us for a backend site rebuild.
This wasn’t possible due to some versions of the backend being out of date, so we suggested a complete frontend and backend site rebuild. Here at Kaizen Five, we would rebuild the exact same website, while also updating the backend to the latest versions. This was to reduce the risk of anyone compromising the site again. If you would like to check out the site, then please click the following link: http://radcliffeconsulting.org/