Personaility Web Design & Web Development

Personaility web design & development

Personaility got in touch with us at Kaizen Five as they were looking for a brand new website for a new range of professional beauty tools.

Design & Development

Personaility was looking for an agency to build a new website for a new brand of professional beauty products. These were premium and high-end products so they needed a fantastic website to represent the products. We got started and created a premium and luxury feel to the website with unique fonts to the brand and gorgeous colours to also match the brands look.

Development took around 1 and a half months, but using WordPress and WooCommerce the site launch was very very successful almost nearly selling out all of their products in day 1! We implemented multiple payment methods for the client like Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, ClearPay and Apple Pay. This gave the customers multiple ways to pay and that increased the number of people that successfully checked out.