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Just Trousers UK Web Development

New eCommerce store to offer a wider range of products

In 2006 HWD launched their very success, but as demand has increased for more smart, comfortable and quality trousers, so did Nicol's thoughts on how to meet customers growing needs! That's where Kaizen Five steps in.

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Just Trousers UK

Just Trousers UK is an online store providing smart, comfortable and quality trousers for Women of all ages. Nicol the owner of Just Trousers UK previously and still runs but needed a website that could provide a simpler and easy to use experience for the customer. By using the power of WordPress and WooCommerce we were able to create a lovely looking site that attracts the user’s eye, while also having an amazing and wide range of functionality.

Starting from a simple theme we rebuilt the site into what it is today and working closely with Nicol we managed to take her vision from her head and create it into a fully functioning eCommerce website. now allows the user to browse the online store with or without an account, manage all of their products via a wishlist, checkout with multiple different payment methods, manage orders and account details with a powerful dashboard simple for the user to use and many more features.

Nicol let us know that she has big plans for Just Trousers UK, and that’s exactly why we picked WordPress to build this site on. It’s very scalable and easy to add hundreds if not thousands of different products and variations. On the previous website, Nicol couldn’t put specific variations on sale without changing the price of all of the colours. Using WooCommerce we can change the price and stock of every single possible variation of a product, and this is a feature that Nicol loves!