eCommerce SEO Results

The new eCommerce site produces fantastic results within the first 16 months.

Whilst we can't name the business, this website was built by Kaizen Five back in January 2021. Since then the website has gone from strength to strength with it's SEO and has produced some great results and ROI.

June 2022
Cannot Say
Search Console

This eCommerce business provides supplies a small amount of brands to customers through their website. By doing this, Kaizen Five has been able to target and figure out exactly what keywords people are using to find these products. Through this we have been able to curate fantastic and informative product pages with some great SEO to ensure that users checkout.

Through SEO, this has resulted in 8,100 users, 3,700 clicks, 87,000 impressions and £13,000+ in revenue on the website alone. Before the new site, there online site was getting very few orders and lucky to get 100 users a month. So this new site and SEO has been extremely good for this small eCommerce business.