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B2C Services SEO Results

B2B Service Business has produced some fantastic results since starting with us 6 months ago.

Whilst we can't name the business, the business approached us for our SEO services. After working with them for over 6 months now we have produced some fantastic results.

June 2022
Cannot Say
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This client approached us after working with another SEO agency. The previous SEO agency didn’t put any effort in and in fact harmed the website. There were errors and simple elements like alt tags were missing. Due to this business offering local services, we could provide a great solution that really helped them as you will see in the results.

Not only did we fix every issue on the site, but we also made sure the site was complete optimised, loaded in under 3 seconds for all pages, implemented every single SEO good practice and a lot more. Along with this we created new landing pages, local SEO pages and many more service pages.

While we don’t have any search console data, this has resulted in some extremely good results. From our results we can only assume that the results prior to these 6 months were below 3000 impressions/pm, many of these being results searching directly for the company name.

Within the last 6 months we have managed to bring in 536 organic clicks, 53,700 impressions. The site is now ranking number 1 for over 5 keywords, and within 10 placed on the Google SERPs for over 25 keywords. A great result.

Within the last 3 months we have seen a 400% increase on impressions, and a 148% increase on clicks. That’s just over the previous 3 months.