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We can create and build a fantastic and profitable campaign that allows you to drive high quality leads and buyers straight to your website.

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    Pay Per Click is a quick and effective way to generate new leads/customers for your business

    We develop campaigns using a number of different platforms including search engine options like Google and Bing as well as paid social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Both these areas of PPC have unique benefits and are used in different ways, however, they are both effective at allowing businesses to reach target audiences at the right time.

    Google Ads

    Get to the top of search using Google Ads

    Facebook Ads

    Target the billions of users on Facebook

    What makes our PPC campaigns unique? – One size does not fit all!

    Every business has unique requirements, so all our campaigns are tailored to each client’s individual needs. We work with customers to first establish clear, realistic goals and KPIs and conduct research before we plan the individual aspects of each campaign. This allows us to pick the right platform, audience/keyword targeting and messaging for your business to deliver the best results.

    Why pick Kaizen Five to manage your Google Ads?

    At Kaizen Five we have a unique process which allows us to develop the most effective campaigns and deliver the highest possible ROI. We are dedicated to always exceed expectations!

    Keyword Research
    Budget Management
    Ongoing Optimisation
    Clear Monthly Targets Agreed
    No long term contracts or hidden fees

    What are Google Ads and how can they benefit your business? – A more instant form of SEO

    Google AdWords is a form of paid advertisement that allows you to reach potential customers for your business for an on-going fee. Unlike organic SEO, AdWords provides a far quicker alternative to achieve higher visibility on search engines like Google.

    AdWords allows your business to competitive on search engines and reach your target audience through relevant keywords of your choice to get the results that really matter to you. Whether it’s more overall brand visibility, driving on-site enquiries or sales, Kaizen Five can help your business.

    If you’re looking for fast results and a great return on your investment, we can build cohesive AdWords campaigns that work for your business. We choose the right objectives, keywords and bidding strategy so your adverts reach the right customers and push those valuable leads and sales.

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    Get your business in front of right people at the right time!

    With paid social media you can target potential customers with over 100 different targeting criteria. If you have an idea of why your ideal target customer is, we can target them!

    Client Target and Goal Planning
    Audience Planning and Research
    Bespoke Strategy Creation
    Compelling Content Development
    Advanced Targeting
    Ongoing Optimisation
    No long-term contracts or hidden fees

    What is Facebook Ads and how can it benefit your business?

    Facebook Ads is an amazing alternative to traditional advertising. With 80% of all internet users using Facebook, it’s a great way to target a lot of potential customers! Facebook allows you to target users to a high level of detail. You can advertise to people by age, gender, interests, behaviour, and location.

    From overall business awareness to lead generation and sales, we can help you reach your business’s goals. Get in contact with us today for a free consultation. If you’re interested in how much Facebook ads cost, please give us an email.

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