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Digital Journey Insights

What is our digital journey insight offer?

This is a unique audit of your current digital customer journey. Here at Kaizen Five, we understand the importance of becoming more prevalent online. This offer provides you with a deeper look into your digital footprint and provides a specialised report that outlines and explains how you can improve this side of your business.

Website Analysis
A rundown of your website and how it can be improved
Social Media Analysis
A rundown on all of your social media channels
SEO Insight
An onsite and off-site analysis on how your website search performs
Customer Journey
We will find all the various ways a customer can find you online
Exclusive Document
A document, unique to your business, breaking down everything you need to know
Overall Analysis
If your digital world is not where you want it to be, let us help you create something that fits your agenda

Why does my business need a digital journey insight?

Some businesses have been around since the start of the internet and have tried and tested hundreds of different online techniques to try and grow and drive more users to there site. However, not all of these techniques would be beneficial to your online presence twenty years down the line. There may also be other businesses with a similar name to you, who you are competing with in the online world without even knowing! We track and record all of these important factors for you, and present them in a complete document so you can fully understand the online side of your business.

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What's Included

Website Analysis

We take a deeper dive and look at your website from all angles. Acting as a user, we will go through every page a user would go through and analyse both the design and the content and note down everything that is good and everything that could be improved.

Social Media Analysis

Posting on social media isn’t always easy, without an organised structure your business is not likely to be able to pinpoint any improvement. We can run down and analyse how many people you are managing to reach, and if you are on the right social platforms for your businesses’ niche. Whilst also offering a profile analysis and content design analysis.

SEO Insight

Not sure if you are being found in a Google search? Don’t worry, we will look at how your well your website is optimised for search engines and let you know what keywords your businesses’ website actually ranks for. An onsite and off-site search engine analysis is also available for your website.

Digital Journey Analysis

With the whole world slowly moving online, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customer to get in contact with you or actually purchase your service or product. There are multiple factors to consider and applying all of the above we can work out how well your digital footprint actually is.

Bespoke Document

A document will be created just for you with our digital journey insight offer. We will go through everything we have mentioned previously and input it into a document created just for your business. Sometimes this document can be used as a starting point if you are looking to expand your digital footprint. We will conduct thorough research on the best way your business could enter the online world.

Overall Analysis

The document provided can be used for different elements within your business. You can begin to plan a way to start phasing your business online or just have a generalised understanding of your current digital footprint that you may not have known about beforehand. The document we provide will be yours forever.

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