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What is AdWords?

Google AdWords is a form of paid advertisement that allows you to get high positioning for your business through search and display adverts for an on-going fee. AdWords allows your business to be more competitive and reach your target audience for relevant keywords of your choice to get the results that really matter to you. Whether it’s for more overall brand visibility or driving on site enquiries and sales, Kaizen Five can help your business. (Highlighted in Yellow is what an AdWords Post on Google looks like compared to an organic search result.)

Google AdWords

We're 100% transparent on all costs and ad spend for your business.

Great ROI

Our main objective is to get you a great return on your investment.


Constant optimisation is delivered to drive performance and results.

No long term contracts or hidden fees

We want you to stay for the results, not because of the long term contracts.

Why pick adwords

AdWords provides fast results for your business

Unlike organic SEO, AdWords provides a far quicker alternative to achieve higher visibility on search engines like Google.

If you’re looking for fast results and a great return on your investment, Kaizen Five can build cohesive AdWords campaigns that work for your business. We choose the right objectives, keywords and bidding strategy so we can get your adverts in front of the right customers and get you those valuable leads and sales.

Using Google AdWords & LinkedIn Paid Advertisement, our aim was to drive customers to a number of landing pages and increasing sales for a B2B Business. While being assigned a limited budget at the start, with in the first 2 months we spent £545.59 of the budget and recorded £63,000 worth of revenue from product sale. To date we have now recorded in excess of £400,000 worth of sales.
Google AdWords & LinkedIn Paid Advertisement
11,447% ROI
Utilising a combined £4000 a day budget, we were involved in a multi-national campaign for an online app. After the first month of implementing the new strategy, the online app saw an 81% increase in profit.
Multi-National Campaign
81% Increase
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